Player Profile – Ian Mitchell

Name: Ian Mitchell
Club: Wolverhampton Wolverines
Full back/Half back/On ball
P.E. teacher
Started playing Aussie Rules Football because:
I spent a year in Australia where I watched a lot on TV and went to a game or two. I had a few kickabouts with mates whilst there but it was when I came home and stopped enjoying playing soccer that I looked up the nearest team to me which at that time was the Birmingham Bears. After a year I decided to try to set up a team in Wolverhampton and the Wolverines were born!

Least funny teammate: Matt Hawkins – terrible banter. Terrible bloke.
Fave away game destination:
Meal you eat the night before a game:
Whatever the missus tells me to cook!!
Scrunch or fold:
I had to seek clarification on the meaning of this question (cheers Dave, Batchy and Kat!) Depends on how I’m feeling at the time!
Fave AFL team:
Adelaide Crows
Teammate most likely to phone you at 4am:
Adam Munkevics. Unquestionably. If not later. The animal.
Fave holiday destination in the UK:
Newquay, Wales
Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z:
Three people you’d least like to share a meal with:
Alan Carr, Mick Malthouse, Dappy (N-Dubz)
Three people you’d most like to share a meal with:
Mark Ricciuto, Ricky Gervais, Alex Turner
Fave pub or bar:
Blast Off, Wolverhampton or Leadmill, Sheffield
Fave beverage:
JD and coke (singles if it’s my round, double if it’s someone else’s)
Your celebrity look-alike/looky-likey:
Barack Obama
Fave flavour of crisps:
Cheese and Onion
Kate or Pippa:
Describe yourself in three words:
Hilarious, gorgeous and modest.
Fave romantic movie:
Fever Pitch
Fave root vegetable:
Beetroot – you can’t beat a root!


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