Player Profile – Andrew Batchelor

Name: Andrew Batchelor
Number: 1

Club: Nottingham Scorpions
Position: Ruck
Nickname(s): Batchy
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Mineral Processing Engineer
Started playing Aussie Rules Football because: I was injured and couldn’t play rugby for a time so went looking for a Gaelic Football club and discovered the Scorpions
Least funny teammate: Woody
Fave away game destination: Huddersfield
Meal you eat the night before a game: Nah, breakfast…toasted muffins, vegemite, soft fried eggs, hollandaise sauce, worchestershire sauce, side of crispy streaky bacon, done.
Scrunch or fold: Fold…scrunching defies the laws of physics
Fave AFL team: Brisbane Lions
Teammate most likely to phone you at 4am: Panda
Fave holiday destination in the UK: Cornwall
Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z: Pffft, really?! Play Metallica and they will come!
Three people you’d least like to share a meal with: Any 3 people from any series of Big Brother
Three people you’d most like to share a meal with: Hugh Heffner, Richard Dawkins and Julius Caesar
Fave pub or bar: Tilt, Nottingham
Fave beverage: Ale…closely followed by Milo
Your celebrity look-alike/looky-likey: I’ve been told Hugh Grant and Christian Bale…I don’t see the resemblance, but more to the point, unfortunately most women don’t either
Fave flavour of crisps: BBQ Samboys, but you can’t get them in this country…you can have Fosters though, keep it, really, we don’t want it
Kate or Pippa: Pippa…Harry for King!
Describe yourself in three words: Sloth, Lust, Gluttony…in that order
Fave romantic movie: Titanic…for this one reason. Girls, now you all think Jack is a good bloke and a loveable little rogue you could change for the better right? Of course you do. But does he ever tell Rose he loves her? Nope, not even when he’s about to die after she says it to him. Powerful script writing or player keeping it real? I’ll let you decide.
Fave root vegetable: Potatoes, done Dauphinoise


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