Player Profile – Jack Evea

Name: Jack Evea
Number: Whichever Fits
Club: Birmingham Bears
Position: Half-Forward
Nickname(s): Barton – Roy Cropper, Scruff, Northerner
Nationality: English
Occupation: Student/Procrastinator
Started playing Aussie Rules Football because: Needed to get fit
Least funny teammate: Seb/Myself? :p
Fave away game destination: Nottingham
Meal you eat the night before a game: Pitta bread
Scrunch or fold: Fold
Fave AFL team: Collingwood
Teammate most likely to phone you at 4am: Tim Or David veale, the only two with my number
Fave holiday destination in the UK: Whitley Bay
Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z: Jay- Z
Three people you’d least like to share a meal with: Alexandra Burke, Piers Morgan, Alicia dixon
Three people you’d most like to share a meal with: Sir Bobby Robson, Bruce Springsteen, Isla Fischer
Fave pub or bar: The Lion at Wolsi, or Fluid at newcastle
Fave beverage: Bottle of Dog (thats Newcy Brown in English)
Your celebrity look-alike/looky-likey: Joey Barton
Fave flavour of crisps: nachos?
Kate or Pippa: Kate
Describe yourself in three words: Untidy, Lazy, Hungry
Fave romantic movie: wedding crashers, does that count?
Fave root vegetable: Cheese


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