Player Profile – Matt Evans

Name: Matt Evans
Huddersfield Rams
Half back flank
Matty (inspired….)
Office hottie
Started playing Aussie Rules Football because: I wanted to try something new. And Karl Haigh is very persuasive.
Least funny teammate:
Sam Gill
Fave away game destination:
Meal you eat the night before a game:
Risotto or pasta
Scrunch or fold:
Fold. Scrunching is morally wrong.
Fave AFL team:
Freo Dockers
Teammate most likely to phone you at 4am:
Neil Morrison
Fave holiday destination in the UK:
Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z:
Neither – get some rock on!
Three people you’d least like to share a meal with:
David Cameron, Jo Brand, Bono
Three people you’d most like to share a meal with: Chris Mayne, Boris Johnson, James Hetfield
Fave pub or bar: The Maltings, York
Fave beverage:
My home brew
Your celebrity look-alike/looky-likey:
Tyrone from Coronation Street
Fave flavour of crisps:
Sour Cream & Chive
Kate or Pippa:
Kate. Gotta love a posh bird.
Describe yourself in three words:
Pretty bloody normal
Fave romantic movie:
Black Hawk Down (Honestly don’t think that I’ve ever watched a romantic movie)
Fave root vegetable:
Potatoes – for sheer versatility. Roasts, mash, chips – endless possibilities with a potato.


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