Umpire Workshop

We may not always agree with them, but umpires are an essential part of the game, both in playing and development. AFL England is looking for enthusiastic individuals to take their experience to the next level with the AFL Europe Umpires Workshop, aiming to accredit regular groups of umpires every year.
The event will probably run in a Central England location and attendees will get a much greater understanding of the game which will benefit players as well as prospective umpires.
AFL England President Adam Bennett had this to say: “I’ve been umpiring Reading’s home fixtures for a few years and getting the instruction from qualified umps has increased my understanding tremendously, which I’ve also been able to apply whilst playing. I would love to see people from as many clubs as possible attending these workshops and taking their experience back to their teams – an essential step for the growth of the game.”
If you’re interested in attending the Umpire’s Workshop, please email and state your preference for the weekend of 25th August or 1st September.

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