2013 League Rules and Information

AFL Central and Northern England follows the 9-a-side rules as laid out by AFL Europe. The only way in which AFL CNE differs from these rules is with the use of ‘scoring zones’. Please see the summary of the AFL Europe rules here.
All the major information relevant to the AFL CNE league rules is listed below:

Scoring Zones

Whilst players are encouraged to move freely around the ground, players must take the kick from within the scoring zones to be awarded any score. The scoring zones are marked by a straight line 40m from the goals.
If a player kicks the ball from outside the scoring zone and the ball goes through the posts it will be classed as an out of bounds kick and the opposition will take a free kick from the goal square.
If a player marks inside the scoring zone and is taking a set shot for goal, the score will count even if the kick is taken from outside the scoring zone.

Game Lengths

Each match consists of 4 x 20 minute quarters separated by 5 minute breaks at quarter time and three quarter time and a 15 minute break at half time. No time-on is added. If an injury or lost ball causes a long delay in play it is an the umpire’s discretion as to whether the clock will be stopped.

League Lightning Round matches consist of 2 x 20 minute halves separated by a 5 minute half time break. The same rules apply to added time as with regular-length games.

Premiership Points

Regular full length match
Win – 4 points
Draw – 2 points
Loss – 0 points

League Lighting Round match
Win – 2 points
Draw – 1 point
Loss – 0 points

Failure to organise umpires or find viable alternative – minus 1 point

Aus/EU Breakdown

Each club must have a minimum of 4 non-Australians on the pitch at any one time. If a team is found to be in breach of this rule by the officiating umpires then the offending team shall lose all scores accrued in the half for which the offense occurred. If the offense occurred in the first half the team will revert to a score of zero. If it occurred in the second half the team will revert to their half time score.
This offense cannot be applied retrospectively and can only be enacted at the time when the rule is broken.

Squad Numbers:

Each team may have a maximum match day squad of no more than 16 players.
Any club which fails to field at least 7 players will forfeit the match. All league points will be awarded to the opposing team. The scoreline will effectively be 0-0 with no change in percentage recorded for either team.
If a team is to forfeit a match the game can still go ahead as a social fixture although the scores will not count towards either teams end of season total.
If a team is short of numbers they may borrow players from the opposing club. Both teams must agree upon each specific player borrowed. The opposing team has no obligation to supply players to a team that is short on numbers. Any goals scored by borrowed players will not be added to that individual player’s season total.


Each team shall supply 1 x field umpire and 1 x goal umpire for each game. If a club does not provide a goal and field umpire prior to the game and does not organise an alternative in advance then they will lose 1 premiership point.


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