Round 4 Mozzies v Scorpions

A hot and sunny day in Manchester greeted the travelling Nottingham Scorpions for Round 4. Other than a draw for the Mosquitoes the week previously, both teams entered this contest on maximum points. Everyone knew this match between the two traditional rivals of Northern footy was set to be a belter.


In the first quarter, the Mozzies opened strongly, slotting 5 goals with some nice work up the midfield of the pitch. The Scorpions employed their well known brand of big kick-outs to a strong-marking full forward, which kept the scores close at the first break with only one goal in it.


The second quarter allowed Nottingham to start playing their game a little more. With only a 9-man squad of mixed experience levels, they were able to pick their key men and convert a good ratio of scoring shots. The wind was not a factor like it had been in recent rounds, but with a good physical match-up from the “Scorps”, the Mozzies were restricted to putting most of their shots through as behinds in the second quarter. Half time score- 8.10.58 to 8.4.52 in Manchester’s favour.


The third quarter is well known for swinging a tight match, and that’s exactly what this one did. The Mozzies needed no reminder that they had all 7 men on the bench as they went all out in short, sharp bursts. They all knew that Nottingham didn’t benefit from the same numbers on the day, and the boys worked hard at demoralising the opposition early in the third term by kicking several goals.


The momentum of the third term was carried right in to the final quarter with the Nottingham side tiring in the warm conditions and the Mozzies running strong with some great support from the Burnage home crowd. Finishing in style, they kicked 9.4 vs 1.1 for the final 20’ and showed the league why they remain year-on-year a powerhouse of the league.


Final quarter-by-quarter scores:

Manchester 5.2.32 8.10.58 14.12.96 23.16.154

Nottingham 4.1.25 8.4.52 10.5.65 11.6.72


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