Why Movember Matters… part 2


This Sunday the Manchester Mosquitoes host their annual Movember Cup to raise money for men’s health issues.  Here at AFLCNE we’re going to continue to look at the men’s health issues that money is being raised for.

Across our league we have 100s of young men who play one of the toughest contact sports around. So what do you think is the leading cause of death in the UK in this demographic?

Cancer?… Drugs?… Road Traffic Accidents?

What if I told you it was suicide?

Suicide is the leading cause of death in Men aged 20-34 years old.  3 out of 4 successful suicides are men with on average 13 men committing suicide every day in the UK

Let that sink in for a minute.

Our players, your teammates are more likely to die from taking their own life than anything else. This is one of the reasons why mental health matters.



Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 19.24.04

Anyone of any age or disposition can be affected by poor mental health. No matter how well their life seems to be going. Just take professional Aussie Rules player and AFL Star Mitch Clark, who’s battle with depression hit the sporting headlines following a victory over Collingwood in May this year.

If you or someone you know are suffering mental health problems the most important thing to do is talk to someone. To access support click on the following link takes you to Movembers recommended services

 Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 19.24.41


As a league we’re proud to help raise awareness and help reduce the stigma of mental health issues with the Tyne Tees Tigers having the mental health charity Mental Health Matters‘s logo on their club jumpers for the past 2 seasons playing games across the region and beyond.

If these young men playing one of the toughest sports going can talk about mental health then so can you.

If you’d like to donate to the Movember fundraising efforts you can donate via this link


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