AFL Coaches Association Coaching Clinic


On Monday 16th of November AFL Europe and the AFL Coaches Association held a Coaching Clinic deep in the bowels of Australia House in London.  With a highly decorated panel that included:

  • Steven King Assistant Coach  Western Bulldogs FC
  • Justin Longmuir Assistant Coach West Coast Eagles FC
  • David Teague Assistant Coach Adelaide Crows FC
  • Damian Carroll Assistant Coach Hawthorn FC
  • Cameron Bruce Assistant Coach Hawthorn FC

There was a chance to to get an hints and tips from some of the very best coaches the sport has to offer. In the 30 strong audience taking notes was AFLCNE President and England Vixens Head Coach Ian Baxter.

Rather than recount the session blow by blow,  here are some of the take home messages from the session.

  • Not all AFL Coaches have played at the top level, about 25% haven’t and that number is growing
  • Have “Themes” for the season and game plan
  • Success is achieved by preparation pre-game day
  • Don’t try to copy other coaches styles… coach in a fashion that’s true to your own personality
  • Create an enjoyable environment, so that players want to be there
  • Allow Senior players to Coach, it will make them better players
  • Breaking into smaller groups allows for better quality interaction with players.
  • Try to have at least one conversation with each player each session about things in general.
  • Create your own drills.
  • Play modified games and insert your own conditions to emphasise the learning points you want to work on.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • When trying to change things on game day you need to have prepared “what if’ actions in advance
  • If everything is going wrong “get hold of the footy”
  • You don’t need to always answer the players questions, you can use a questioning aspect so that they can create their own solutions…. “what do you think?”
  • A simple game plan well understood is better than a complex one poorly understood

Following the session Ian had this to say ” It was a great session to be able to get some nuggets of wisdom from the coaching panel.  A big thank you must go to the AFL Coaches Association for taking time out from their busy schedule to speak to everyone and to AFL Europe for organising it all. Events like this whilst only a short time make a big difference to development of the game in our community.”


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