Wolverines look to keep International Rules title

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International Rules Football is a hybrid game of  Gaelic Football and Australian Rules football. The rules are  a compromise between those of the two codes, with Gaelic football players being advantaged by the use of a round ball and a rectangular field (Australian rules uses an oval ball and field), while the Australian rules football players benefit from the opportunity to tackle between the shoulders and thighs, something banned in Gaelic football.

Many will be aware of the annual International Rules Series between Australia and Ireland, held last autumn in Dublin, with the Irish taking home the Cormac McAnallen trophy for 2015.   But in the West midlands the upper hand lies with the Australian Rules Footballers. AFLCNE club the wolverhampton wolverines hold an International rules series against local GAA club St. Mary’s an the Wolverines are currently in possession of the 2015 trophy and we will be looking to hold onto it over the two test matches that are to be played on the weekends around Australia Day and St Patrick’s Day in January and March of 2016.

With the first fixture starting at 13:30 Saturday January 23rd at 13:30 Aldersey Highschool in Wolverhampton there’s no reason for you not to get your footy fix in early this year!


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