AFLCNE heading north

Another weekend, another crop of AFLCNE teams in action. After the Mozzie’s trip to Amsterdam last week, no less than four teams are getting some cross-border action tomorrow, this time at the Haggis Cup in Glasgow.

While the Wolves, Rams and Tigers men’s teams will compete in a 10-team tournament, the Scorp’s women’s team will be competing in a 5-team women’s tournament – an event that in itself shows how far the women’s game has come in the UK.

Haggis Cup regulars the Rams will be looking to replicate past successes, while the Tigers will be continuing on their apparent quest to play every team in the SARFL, all the while making a run for the final. Wolves will be looking to bring their brand of footy up north and give us a preview of why they expect to go one better in the league this season, while the Scorps will be hoping to replicate their fantastic success so far this year.

As always, the Haggis will be an exhibition of footy, bringing together teams from across the UK to compete, and of course, drink together. So, get behind our teams headed North – if not for the footy then at least for the boat races afterwards!


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