AFLCNE Concussion Advice sheet

A downloadable version of the following advice  for printing can be found at this link: AFLCNE Concussion Advice

This is to be given to a non-playing responsible adult who is looking after a player with suspected concussion whilst they await medical assessment.


To be given to the person looking after a concussed player

This player has received an injury to the head and a careful medical examination is required. They will need monitoring for a further period by a responsible adult. Your treating physician will provide guidance as to this timeframe.

If you notice any change in behaviour, vomiting, dizziness, worsening headache, double vision or excessive drowsiness, please contact your nearest hospital emergency department immediately.

 The player should:

Rest (physically and mentally), including training or playing sports until symptoms resolve and you are medically cleared

NOT consume alcohol

NOT take prescription or non-prescription drugs without medical supervision.


  • · No sleeping tablets
  • · Do not use aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication or sedating pain killers

— Do not drive until medically cleared

— Do not train or play sport until medically cleared


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