AFLCNE League Rules: – Concussion testing


  1. It is the responsibility of the host club to have a copy of the pocket concussion recognition tool and concussion advice sheet printed and available for use at any AFLCNE sanctioned event. For any event hosted at a neutral venue the responsibility for provision of the document falls to the league executive.
  1. Any player suspected of concussion should be removed from play immediately and assessed according to the pocket Concussion Recognition Tool.
  1. If concussion is suspected after testing the following should happen:
    1. On game day
      1. The player must NOT be allowed to return to play that day.
      2. They must be assessed by a registered medical practitioner
      3. A non-playing person should be assigned to look after the concussed person and be given the concussion advice sheet whilst awaiting medical assessment
    2. After game day
      1. The league should be informed of the player affected along with the team sheet returns.
      2. It will be the responsibility of the player concerned’s team to inform the league by midday on the Wednesday following the game if they wish to make use of rule 5.
      3. Once medically cleared they must be symptom free and undertake a phased return to playing/training as outline in the phased return policy
  1. If during a game a player is unable to play due to concussion or suspected concussion and this reduces their team numbers to below 9 players then the game is to continue as 8 a-side to its natural conclusion and will stand as a completed league fixture.
  1. If the following week a player who would’ve been available but for undertaking the phased return that team will be allowed an extra ‘ring-in’ without penalty/sanction from the league.
  1. Failure to provide the appropriate care to a concussed player will result in the offending team receiving the following sanctions from the league
    1. 1st offence: Official warning from the league
    2. 2nd offence: Loss of percentage
    3. 3rd offence: Loss of premiership points





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