Round 6

Manchester 17.18 120 vs 5.10 40 Leeds

On a cold and wet Yorkshire day the Manchester Mozzies travelled to Leeds to play the Leeds Minotaurs in their very first home game. Bolstered by a few key inclusions the Leeds boys were quietly confident of causing an upset. With Manchester being raging premiership favourites and Leeds being notorious for letting teams get the jump on them, the start was essential. Manchester charged out of the blocks and kicked a few early goals. Lead by club President Brendan Edwards, the Mozzies midfield were winning plenty of the ball and giving the twin towers of Wielgosz and McAlister plenty of opportunities in front of the sticks. The Mozzies opened up a hefty lead and continued to dominate the midfield through the returning Jayden Hocking.

Leeds had their best period in the match during the 3rd quarter as they matched the Mozzies around the ground. The Scarsella brothers began to assert themselves as Leeds kicked a few goals. The Mozzies kept the Minotaurs at arms length for the remainder of the game as they cruised to another comfortable win in an all round solid performance.

Leeds will be looking to re-group as they have two very winnable games against Wolverhampton and Sheffield in the next round.

Nottingham 20.18 138 vs 7.12 54 Sheffield

Round 6 saw the Scorpions take on the Thunder in Leeds. The Scorpions were light on numbers for the second week in a row, but some shift changes at work and a new Aussie import gave them enough numbers to have some fresh legs on the bench, which was presided over by returning coach extraordinaire Charlie Keilty.

In the first game against Sheffield a few weeks ago it took about 10 minutes for either side to score. The opening quarter was just as tough this time around with both sides trading possession around the midfield and getting limited scoring opportunities. Nottingham nudged just ahead at quarter time scoring 3-4-22 to Sheffield 2-3-15.

The second quarter saw the Scorpions step it up a gear and start to find space in the forward line thanks to plenty of assists from the likes of Andy Kraefft and Lee Neicho out of the ruck. Niall Crowcroft scored 2 goals and 2 behinds and necomer Liam Oakey scored 3 goals to blitz the Thunder defence in this quarter by 7 unanswered goals. Likewise the Scorpions defence completely shutdown the Sheffield attack, ending the half Scorpions 10-10-70 to Sheffield 2-5-17.

Sheffield weren’t going to take the result of the second quarter lying down and true to form came out firing in the third quarter. It was pretty much a replay of the first quarter but with both teams increasing the physical intensity and squandering more scoring opportunities with poor accuracy in a quarter that could have easily gone either way, but ending Nottingham 12-17-89 to Sheffield 4-9-33.

The final quarter saw another big push by the Scorpions with some great movement of the ball all around the park resulting in most players getting a goal to their name in this quarter with only 1 behind due to good field position in the forward line. Sheffield weren’t to be denied though picking up 3 goals of their own and what should have been a couple more if not for a few missed kicks. The game ended with a convincing Scorpions win of 20-18-138 to Sheffield 7-12-54.

Huddersfield 12.13 85 vs 5.6 36 Birmingham

Huddersfield took the long trip down to Birmingham looking to consolidate their position on the ladder after their first win last week. A strong, even team performance gave them a rousing win. Luke Booth bagged 4 for the winners while Matt Whiteley was everywhere. For Birmingham club stalwart Tim Smith was best.

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