Lightning Round fixtures 2017

The following lightening round fixtures will be completed at the venues listed. Please note that these are  the fixtures to be completed at each venue and are not necessarily the running order that will be followed on the day.

Lightning round one will be held in Newcastle, Lightening Round 2 in Merseyside and the final lightning round will be held at the Nottingham Scorpions.

Venue Tigers  
1 Saints Tigers
2 Thunder Tigers
3 Notts Hudds
4 Notts Saints
5 Hudds Manc
6 Manc Thunder
Venue Saints  
1 Manc Saints
2 Wolves Saints
3 Thunder Wolves
4 Notts Wolves
5 Notts Tigers
6 Hudds Thunder
7 Tigers Hudds
Venue Notts  
1 Manc Notts
2 Thunder Notts
3 Manc Wolves
4 Tigers Wolves
5 Hudds Wolves
6 Thunder Saints
7 Hudds Saints
8 Manc Tigers
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